20/04/2020: WeAreVirtual: Safe-guarding Your Career In Times of Corona webinar | Wies Bratby

Wies Bratby - WeAreVirtual Webinar

We are living in challenging times. Besides the worries you may feel about your health, you may be worried about your career.

In this free online training you will learn:

  • How to navigate the lack of job security in these challenging times
  • How you can feel in control of your career again, even if you’re worried there will be no jobs left after this crisis is over
  • What to do when you are worried about being laid of
  • How you can find a new job, even if around you markets are collapsing and companies are going bust
  • Why, especially now, you should RAISE your career aspirations
  • …and much more.


Wies BratbyAbout Wies:

Wies is a top-lawyer-turned-HR-Director-turned-coach-slash-consultant. Originally from The Netherlands and having lived in different countries, she now calls Switzerland home. Through her coaching and consulting practice Women In Negotiation, she helps helps women across the world realise their worth, communicate it and get them the positions and salaries they want through her online group coaching program Women In Negotiation. As President of Lean In Switzerland, she helps leverage women’s peer support powers and organizes workshops and conferences regarding diversity and inclusion.

Wies is also a sough-after keynote speaker and workshop trainer, inspiring women to proactively negotiate for everything they want, need and deserve in their careers and lives.

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