20/10/2021: The Happy Menopause: Beat brain fog, overcome anxiety & maximise movement | Watkins Publishing

The Happy Menopause, Menopause awareness month event

Join us for an hour of expert advice and practical insights as we unpick some of the key challenges of the menopause and discuss strategies to help you maximise your mental health and wellbeing in midlife and beyond.

What is it?

Do you ever wonder what you came upstairs for; forget where you’ve parked the car; or find yourself grappling for the right word that just won’t come? Or have you suddenly started to experience anxiety, when it’s never been an issue before?

These are all common concerns for women in midlife and are classic, but often unrecognised, symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause.

Jackie Lynch has invited 3 of her favourite podcast guests to unpick these issues in a The Happy Menopause panel session to celebrate World Menopause Day.

We’ll discuss:

  • Brain fog – what it is, why it happens and what you can do about it. Sabina will bring all her research and clinical expertise to the table to help us with some practical solutions
  • Anxiety – what’s going on in the brain when we become worried and anxious and how this can impact on our body. Rachel talks us through some simple, everyday strategies for emotional first aid, to support our mental health and wellbeing
  • Movement – the importance of exercise in midlife and beyond, to reduce stress and maximise physical and mental health. Christien will explain which types of exercise are the most effective and beneficial as we transition through the menopause.

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