2015: A year for “grown-up” decisions

I trust you’ve started back to work in a good frame of mind, motivated and positive about what 2015 has to offer?!Colourful preschool numbers

Some of you will be staunch “resolution-makers” and planners, and I must admit to being in this category! I was always told that when you read your own business plan for the coming year, it should excite you and make you want to get going immediately…. If you don’t get a little stomach-flutter of excitement, then it’s not a good enough plan!

When it comes to planning your personal finances, experiencing a “flutter of excitement” may be stretching the case a little! But what you CAN achieve is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment by taking control of one of the most important aspects of yours and your family’s life. “(S)he who controls the purse strings, makes the rules”…or words to that effect!

Choosing to work with a financial planner to establish a medium to long term plan that is tailored to your own personal situation can definitely make you feel “grown up”. I’ve heard this comment many times from clients – even though they may be in their 40’s already and have had a mortgage for many years, it’s only since taking control of their financial plan for the future that they feel they have become a “grown up”.

This always makes me smile because I know exactly what they mean. Making proactive decisions about your investments and pensions, and ensuring your income and life are adequately protected, can signal that you are now…finally…. behaving like a mature adult!!

I don’t mean to imply that if you haven’t got a financial plan then you are, by definition, frivolous with your money, not at all! I appreciate it can be hard to know where to start, and the world of financial services can seem daunting, even overwhelming, and definitely full of jargon. This is where the advice of a good Financial Planner is key, to help you make sense of the relevant aspects, to understand your future goals and aspirations as well as your current situation, and to help you prioritise what’s important.

I’m sure a lot of you will recognise the scenario of spending whatever you earn each month, with not a lot left over…equally many people when asked about this will acknowledge that they spend it “because it’s there” and that they could make different decisions if they wanted to. Immediate gratification has its place, don’t get me wrong, but so does delayed gratification – something we learn as we develop from babies into children and then adults. “Resisting a smaller but immediate reward, in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later” according to Wikipedia.

So why not make and follow through on a new New Year’s Resolution this year? Resolve to start thinking maturely about your financial future, and making some grown up decisions for the benefit of you and your family. Resist buying even more of what you usually spend your money on, and consider investing to fulfil a future goal or lifestyle instead – who knows, it may even get your stomach fluttering with excitement!

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After an extensive and successful career as a business and marketing Director with a global, blue-chip company, Amanda retrained in 2013 as a Financial Adviser and set up her own business, Amanda Redman Financial Planning. She is qualified with a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, adding to her Masters degree in Languages from Cambridge. She has 2 children, Max 16 and Tamsin 5, is married to Mike and lives in Tonbridge, Kent. Follow Amanda’s blog or visit: www.amandaredmanfp.co.uk .

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