“2017 has been a year of progress” for the UK | Theresa May looks back in New Year’s message

Theresa May

Theresa May calls 2017 the “year of progress” in her New Year’s speech, citing Brexit, building up the economy and an increase in jobs and employment.

The Prime Minister also outlined her plans for 2018 in her message for the New Year. The government’s aims are for an increase in more good jobs and more opportunities for young people.

These aims include an emphasis on the education system and creating more good schools and on building more homes to help people get on the housing ladder.

She said, “Our goal is simple: more good jobs in every part of the country, and more opportunities for young people to get on in life.”

“The first step to a better future is getting a place at a good school.”

“It’s what every parent expects, and it’s what every child deserves.”

“So we will build more good schools, keep a tight focus on standards and discipline, and give more help and support to our fantastic teachers.”

“We will build more homes, so housing becomes more affordable and more families can get on – and climb up – the housing ladder.”

“And we will protect and enhance our natural environment for the next generation.”

May also touched upon celebrating the 100th anniversary for votes for women. She said, “And as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first votes for women, let’s vow to eliminate all prejudice and discrimination from our society.”

“Because in the United Kingdom in 2018, everyone deserves the chance to succeed and everyone has a right to be treated with respect.”

“That means safe workspaces, free from harassment.”

“And it also means a public sphere where debate is constructive and courteous, and where we treat each other with decency.”

Watch the full speech below

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