21/09/2018 – Pamper for Prevention

Pamper for Prevention in support of Breast Cancer UK.

A night of moisturiser, face creams and fabulousness – but without the harmful chemicals!

Having friends round for a night in just got a whole lot more interesting, now you can host a Pamper for Prevention evening in support of Breast Cancer UK.

Just think how fabulous you’re all going to look and feel once the evening is over!

Why should I Pamper for Prevention?

Our bodies are exposed to an ever expanding number of potentially harmful chemicals – from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the cosmetics and personal care products we use on a daily basis.   Some of these chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects including breast cancer and it can be hard to pick your way through the supermarket shelves to find safe alternatives.

But Breast Cancer UK is nothing if not practical and they are here to help their supporters adopt simple steps to reduce their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and have fun at the same time!

For this reason, Breast Cancer UK are launching their Pamper for Prevention campaign.

By hosting a Pamper for Prevention evening in aid of Breast Cancer UK, you will be helping PREVENT Breast Cancer.

Not only will you be putting some FUN into fundraising, you and your guests will learn how to make your own natural and organic cosmetics that are free from harmful chemicals.

Choose your date, send out your invites and enjoy your pamper evening knowing that you are helping Breast Cancer UK with their campaign.

How do I get started?

Register your event to receive Breast Cancer UK’s Pamper for Prevention guide and contact them for more ideas on how to make your evening a success.

It’s easy, just fill out the online form here

Don’t forget to share your pictures from your Pamper for Prevention evening Breast Cancer UK’s social media pages using #pamperforprevention


For more information, click here


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