21/05/2013 – Exclusive WATC Webinar: Communicate and influence with confidence and style for business success


Kay White, known as the Savvy & Influential Communication Expert for Women in Business will engage you from the word ‘go’ and give immediate value to women in business. Her webinar is filled with savvy tools, sparkly words and phrases and tips for you to take and use straight away. If you want to experience more business success and rewards, you must make yourself understood as you communicate and build those relationships we all need to succeed.

Taking part in Kay’s action-packed Webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Simple, no fluff things to say which instantly connect you to people – both groups and one-to-one – and when you’re face-to-face and in writing
  • 3 ways to attract attention assertively and respectfully so that people listen to you versus tune you out or try to ignore you and you’ll find out how they won’t be able to resist listening to you
  • 2 words to avoid if you want to be heard and if you want to avoid being pushy or witchy
  • Something simple to do straight away to boost your personal presence, authority and your earning power instantly.

Kay’s Webinar is designed to show professional women how to speak up confidently, attract and keep attention assertively and respectfully and to be heard and valued as they go about their business.


Kay White

Savvy & Influential Communication Expert for Women in Business

Author of the # 1 Best-Seller – The A to Z of Being Understood
Communicate and influence with confidence, style and ease


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