22/11/2022: Masculinity in the Workplace 2022 | Hobbs Consultancy x Token Man

Masculinity in the workplace event

Masculinity in the Workplace is an annual event designed to help men better support inclusion and diversity.

Welcome to Masculinity in the Workplace 2022, our annual event to mark International Men’s Day.

Masculinity in the Workplace aims to challenge gender stereotypes in workplace culture to enable everyone to thrive in a more inclusive and diverse world. This year we want to ask a pointed question, “What do men need to do to stay relevant in the workplace?”.

This event is your opportunity to:

  • Listen to a broad range of perspectives about the future of work and men’s role within that
  • Identify solutions to drive change – on a personal level and on a systemic level
  • Be inspired to take action now and also to create a vision for the future
  • Gain VIP access to our research report insights on the role of men in the future of work

What to expect

The event is for anyone who is passionate about driving gender equality in the workplace and we welcome everyone however they identify or express themselves. In particular we would love to see a broad representation of CEOs, CMOs, HR Directors and Inclusion & Diversity Practitioners. Expect to come away with:

  • A better understanding of the impact a more modern and positive view of masculinity can have on the workplace
  • Case studies to show how change is already being delivered in the workplace
  • A list of small things you can do tomorrow as an individual and business to make a difference to gender inclusion and wellbeing
  • A different perspective on the future of work and where we are heading

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