23/09/2021: WeAreVirtual: Challenging Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome | Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock

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WeAreVirtual, Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock

Are you holding yourself back?

Join Jenny and Emma from Women to Work for an inspiring practical 45 minute online workshop to boost your confidence, challenge your limiting beliefs and address those automatic negative thoughts that get in the way of you achieving all you hope to achieve.

The session will introduce you to limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome giving you the opportunity to explore what they are, if you have them, and importantly consider how you can deal with them. We’ll share practical self-coaching tools that you can use immediately, and time and again long after the session has finished.

Our aim is for you to leave the workshop with tools to help deal with any limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome as well as increased confidence in your skills and all you have to offer.


About Emma & Jenny:

Emma Shute and Jenny PollockWomen to Work is a business with social aims that works with both organisations and individuals, with a special interest in coaching for women’s personal and professional development, resilience, and coaching and mentoring for all.

Emma and Jenny offer a range of initiatives, and focus on building impactful relationships with individual women, organisations, women’s networks, and women and men who are passionate about developing women in the workplace, developing resilience in individuals, and developing coaching/mentoring as a way of being. Through:

· One to one coaching
· Women’s development programmes
· Resilience workshops
· One off group coaching workshops
· Coach training for individuals & managers
· Mentoring programmes

We absolutely love what we do and are passionate about how coaching can help the people we work with to see new horizons that best fit their values, helping them to feel positive, motivated and able to create a fulfilling professional and personal life.

We hope you will love coaching as much as we do!

Jenny & Emma

“Working with women and organisations to define and create fulfilling personal and professional lives”

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