23/04/2015: How to stay centered when it feels like the world around you is erupting

Meera Career CoachingDo you sometimes find yourself getting stressed and anxious by events happening around you? This could be a work situation, or perhaps a personal situation such as a partner or a friend?

Does it sometimes affect your health to a point where you find it hard to sleep and start seeing it affect you physically? This situation keeps bothering you and stays at the top of your mind, not allowing you to relax?

Then come to this talk to get 3 mind altering strategies to stay more grounded and at peace. This will help you to feel more in control of the situation, your emotions and your state of mind. This in turn will enable you to be more relaxed, able to focus, and definitely more at peace.

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Event Details

Date: Thursday April 23rd, 7-9pm

Price: £10

Venue: Westminster Quakers Meeting House

8 Hop Gardens, off St Martins Lane (alleyway between Gymbox and Cote Brasserie) WC2N 4EA, London

About the Speaker

Meera ShahMeera Shah is a unique Career Coach who brings a rich blend of spiritual philosophies and Blue-chip Corporate Experience for a powerful approach to succeed in the work-place. She has combined her successful Career in the banking and consulting sector along with her own personal development to create a powerful coaching model called the RID coaching model.

She is a practitioner of the new age spiritual philosophies and in particular the idea of dialling up your ‘sixth sense’ and tuning into your ‘gut feeling’; a greater awareness of how your mental state creates your reality. She has trained with some of the worlds most Renowned Metaphysical Teachers.


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