24/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: Workplace bullying – why it happens and how you can protect yourself | Annette Shaw

Annette Shaw, WeAreVirtual

Annette Shaw is a Life Coach specialising in supporting PA’s, EA’S and senior administrators who have experienced workplace bullying.

If you have ever been bullied, in the playground, at work or otherwise, you know what it is like to go through this awful nightmare.

In 2013, while she was recovering from depression and anxiety after a period of horrendous bullying by a team leader, Annette decided she wanted to help other people who are going through this ordeal.  She realized this was a common problem that nobody was willing to address and support was needed.

So, Annette had the idea of training as a life coach to support people in regaining their self-esteem, self-confidence and find joy in their lives again.  She made this her mission.

In this webinar Annette will cover:

  • Why some people bully
  • How to protect yourself from workplace bullying
  • Q&A


Annette ShawAbout Annette:

As a life coach who helps senior administrators (PA’s, Executive Assistants) who are bullied in the workplace I am very passionate about treating your colleagues with dignity and respect in the workplace. I help empower you to stand in your power, live your values, set boundaries. Having experienced workplace bullying myself and experiencing mental health challenges as a result of this (I used to be a senior administrator/PA), I became determined to help women like myself and decided to train as a life coach.


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