24/11/2015: Career Negotiation

negotiation-e1440520914452This interactive masterclass will improve the ability of individuals to negotiate business issues in both formal and informal situations. It will increase the confidence level of the attendees and encourage them to be more ambitious and aim higher.

Objective of the training:
  • Deploy a structured approach to get the most from win-win negotiations
  • Build confidence and extend the skills that the attendee can draw on in their negotiations
  • Learn about the importance of pre-negotiation preparation, exploring, bargaining and packaging proposals
  • Deepen the exploratory, questioning, clarifying techniques that generate value-added negotiations
  • Provide attendees with the techniques to challenge and push-back when needed
  • Understand the key principles of persuasion and influencing
During the workshop delegates will:
Experience and learn through doing. The course is structured around a series of negotiation role-plays. These increase in complexity. There is substantial review, feedback and critique.
By the end of the workshop delegates will have:
  • A clear understanding of an effective negotiating model for a win-win negotiation.
  • Greater confidence in their own negotiating style
  • Tricks and Tactics for plays and counter-plays

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