25/01/2022: WeAreVirtual: Level up your influence, impact and income in 2022 | Sajna Rahman

WeAreVirtual, Sajna Rahman

True security, freedom and belonging is an inside job and cannot be found in a job!

I will prepare, educate and inspire you to take action so that you can thrive 2022. In this hour session you will get:

  • Workbook for you to complete during the session.Workbook for you to complete during the session.
  • Introduction to the POWER of your THOUGHTS and understand why you are where you are and what is holding you back to achieving who you want to become and where you want to be.
  • The skills to shift your habits and beliefs that does not serve you.
  • The skills to multiply your performance and become visible and valuable to your organization.

About Sajna:

Sajna RahmanSajna is a recognizable figure in the Facilities Management (FM) Industry. She has a deep understanding of how challenging it can be to navigate your career as minority. Which is why after seeing the lack of diversity in senior positions within FM, in 2015 she developed an exclusive network called ‘Tomorrow Meets Today’ (TMT) bringing together future leaders with leaders from the FM sector, who would not normally meet at events. She provided a safe place for these two groups of people to meet and create their own opportunities. In November 2019 after winning an industry award for ‘TMT’, Sajna left her corporate role after 24 years to pursue her passion which is to help other people succeed in their careers. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and immediately secured her first client in Saudi Arabia. She became an International Speaker and was all set to run her exclusive networking events However, she had to put her events on hold from March 2020 and pivot her business model and now runs a ‘one too many’ group coaching program to help people increase their professional and personal results through the ‘Think Transform Thrive Process’ so that they can start to create the life and career that they want!

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