25/04/2018 – Women In Management – Be Respected & Valued in Your Career

Power to Promotion – Be Respected & Valued in Your Career
Date: 25/04/2018 @ 18:30pm to 21:00pm
Location: WeWork South Bank Central, London SE1

I was in my mid-30s, outwardly successful, but totally burnt out in my corporate career. I had lost all my energy and sense of purpose. I was treated with a lack of respect, as a woman, at my place of work. I didn’t know how to move forward in my career any more and I was tired of being treated with disrespect.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair! At this live event I will share with you the lessons I have learned about how to get your mojo back and be empowered and respected as a woman in your corporate career.

This won’t be the answer for you if you’re so broke that investing even a small amount in your career development would put a serious strain on your finances. But if you’re a woman in management who’s working too hard for too little reward, maybe you’re a bit scared about what you need to do next, but you’re ready to take action anyway, then this is TOTALLY FOR YOU!  

My name is Anna Logan Riversby, a professional Career Mastery Coach, and I help women in management careers to re-connect, get promoted, and be valued and respected in their career.

In my talk, “Power to Promotion” I will share…
  • Some of my favourite tools to help you become empowered and gain real respect in your workplace
  • Some simple steps you can take to re-connect, re-energise and help you towards your next promotion
  • The #1 mistake that can hold you back from being connected with your purpose and reaching your full potential
  • Tips on how to build a supportive relationship with your boss
  • Techniques you can use to give yourself the confidence to take risks
  • And much more!


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