26/05/2020: WeAreVirtual: Ignite your creativity! webinar | Beth Collier

Beth Collier - WeAreVirtual Webinar

Are you ready for the Future of Work?

While technology and artificial intelligence are changing the workplace at a rapid pace, there is one skill we all need to survive – and thrive – in the future.


The problem?

Most people don’t think they are creative.

But you ARE creative. Creativity is not a gift for the chosen few. It is something we all possess – and can strengthen with practice.

And we need creativity. It helps us solve problems – and innovate.

In this webinar, Beth will dispel some of the common myths about creativity, and help you discover and ignite your creative talents.

Watch the recording of this virtual event here

Beth CollierAbout Beth

Beth Collier is passionate about helping people improve their communication, creativity, and leadership skills.

She began her career in film and television in Los Angeles, and has held diverse communication and leadership roles on three continents, including a decade in financial services in London.

Beth now helps companies and individuals prepare for the Future of Work by becoming more capable and confident speakers and writers, and more creative thinkers and leaders.

Beth is originally from the midwest US, and has lived abroad for 16 years. She loves writing about pop culture and business, and exploring London with her husband and two young children.

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