27/04/2019 – Money Mindset & Wellbeing – Exclusive IWD Event – MoneyGirl

Date/Time: 27 March @ 18:00 to 21:00

Location: Schroders, 1 London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5AU

You’re invited to our 2019 International Women’s Day Special Event – Money Mindset & Wellbeing. 

What is MoneyGirl? 

Founded by Emma Flaherty, MoneyGirl is a Social Enterprise that was born out of the frustration felt by young working women when it comes to learning how to manage their money more effectively. Supported by UnLtd and run by female millennials, the mission is to change the way that young women think and talk about Personal Finance. Isn’t it about time?

We deliver events, programmes and online content for all women under 35 regardless of background or financial capability. We’re unapologetic when it comes to empowering women through Financial Literacy and we’re different because we’re relatable – something that we have been struggling to find across the industry. Our events aim to address the most popular topics such as Savings, Mortgages, Spending/Debt Management, Pensions, Investments and Mental Wellbeing.

We’ve got off to an awesome start already with a nomination for The Women In Finance Awards – Advocate Of The Year and a recent feature in Stylist Magazine! We’ve also had the opportunity to bring MoneyGirl to The London Stock Exchange, House of Commons, Investec, Rothschild and CISI.

What are we doing differently?

We’re breaking the rules when it comes to traditional ways of thinking about money. And we want our members to do the same. We don’t use jargon or unhelpful acronyms to put you off. Instead, we ask real women to share their experiences with money, good and bad so that we can all learn a lesson or two that we can implement into our personal lives. We’re well connected across the industry and ensure our speakers are engaging and passionate about our cause.

Talking about money can be tricky, so we promise to ensure every event has a sweet ending. We’ll be providing drinks (including a cheeky glass of prosecco), delicious canapes, goodie bags and opportunities for networking.

What can you expect from the event?

The MoneyGirl team are super excited for this event as it’ll be even bigger and better than before and a great way to kick off our 2019 series! We’ve had a huge amount of interest for this topic because our mindset is a powerful influence over our ability to attract and manage our finances.

We will be hearing from our panel on their personal relationships with money and how their backgrounds or past experiences have played a big part in the way they view money. What type of story do we tell ourselves about money? Do the views of our friends and family have an effect on our earning potential? What associations do we hold about money and how can we challenge this?

Self-worth and confidence have a lot to do with how successful we can be with money and not necessarily earning potential, but the relationship we have with it. So we will also be looking into the power of language and how that can help us or hinder us. This could be our internal voice, the stories we tell ourselves but also the way we describe our expectations to others for example when asking for a pay rise or the impression we give out about ourselves. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

A BIG thank you to Schroders for hosting us and a special thanks to Gillian Hepburn!

As always, we will be leading an honest discussion with our Panel Speakers in our interactive Q&A!

More Key Note Speakers to be announced over the coming weeks!

Why do we charge for tickets to attend the events?

We’re a Social Enterprise which means that we need to generate funding in order to continue maintaining the innovation and value at all of our events. More importantly, we operate on a Cross-Subsidisation (“Buy one, give one”) model which means for every woman that pays to attend our events, we can offer one free space to our community programme for someone in less of a position to do so.

Be sure to get your Early Bird tickets now at a discounted rate, tell your girlfriends and we look forward to seeing you there!

Please use our hashtag #MoneyGirl on social media posts pre/post event.


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