27/06/2018 – Power to Promotion

Date/Time: 27/06/2018 @ 6.30pm-9pm
Location: WeWork South Bank Central, London SE1
I was in my mid-30s, outwardly successful, but totally burnt out in my corporate career which caused me to lose my confidence. I had lost all my energy and sense of purpose. I was treated with a lack of respect, as a woman, at my place of work. I was tired of playing small and not knowing my next career steps.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair! At this live event I will share with you the lessons I have learned about how to build your confidence and gain clarity on your next career steps.

This IS FOR YOU if: you are an ambitious, intelligent woman, wanting to move forward, to take action, want to do something for yourself. This is NOT for you if you want to lie on the couch to complain and moan and if you’re so broke that investing even a small amount in your career development would put a serious strain on your finances.

My name is Anna Logan Riversby, a professional Career Mastery Coach, and I help women in management careers to re-connect, get promoted, and be valued and respected in their career.

At this FREE event “Power to Promotion”…
  • Get a TOP strategy for confident feminine leadership
  • Find out how to easily influence people and create change at work
  • #1 mistake you make when deciding on your next career steps
  • Tips on how to build a supportive relationship with your boss
  • Network with women in management in London
  • And much more!

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