28/05/2020: WeAreVirtual: AI Ethics for Social Justice: How bias enters into AI? webinar | Merve Hickok

Merve Hickok - WeAreVirtual Webinar

AI and automated decision making systems are becoming more prominent in our lives and without much oversight, transparency or accountability.

They are already used by governments, agencies or private companies for decisions related to predictive policing, school admissions, health decisions, welfare or benefit eligibility, immigration detention risk calculation, criminal risk, housing, recruitment or credit scoring – just to name a few.

This webinar provides an overview of why ethics matter in AI systems, how you can unintentionally build bias in your product, what is the impact of that biased AI on society & and your brand.It then reviews current debate on bias systems in recruitment / hiring decisions to underline the importance of ethical, explainable, unbiased AI systems for individual and social justice.

Watch the playback here


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