28/10/2021: Black History Month Celebration – Proud To Be | Faith Ruto

Black History Month event, Faith Ruto

To celebrate Black History month, Faith Ruto is hosting an event to share practical tips on how to succeed as a black professional in the corporate arena or as an entrepreneur.

We will explore leading as a black professional when you are the only one in the team, how to bounce back from racism and discrimination in the workplace, how to talk more about mental wellbeing and more.

We will also be using this event to celebrate black leaders, mentors and professionals who are championing equality in the workplace.

This is a FREE online event, tickets will go fast so reverse your seat today.

Who should attend:

  • Black professionals who want to share experience and learn from others.
  • Black owned businesses and black employee network members who wants to be inspired
  • Allies and Brown professionals who want to share and celebrate black history month
  • Everyone is welcome.

Let’s celebrate our modern day heroes today. You will leave this event inspired and proud to be you!

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