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the guardian logo women in leadershipDo you tend to fluke your way through life? Need to boost your confidence to get ahead in your career? Don’t have a voice and want to stand out?

It’s tough being a modern businesswoman. On a daily basis we face multiple obstacles that we have to overcome just to get by, let alone get ahead. Naturally we nurture, care and support, but in order to find success we need to identify and think about the most important part of any business. You.

On Saturday 28th February 2015 in partnership with the Guardian Women in Leadership, Funny Women is hosting ‘An Accidental Conference’ specially curated for women who want to develop their business mojo from the ground up.

The aim of the conference is to empower women in the workplace by focusing on key aspects of their personalities that may need a friendly boost in order to make them stand out from the crowd. Our day long event will be a collection of different workshops facilitated by experts whose business it is to help women get ahead. The aim is that participants leave the conference with a few self-improvement tips and the confidence they need to make a difference to their lives.

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And here’s a sneak preview of our fantastic programme:

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We’re Having A Laugh! – Harriet Minter, editor of Women in Leadership for The Guardian.
We are getting this unique event up and running with a relaxed fun session where we take a few of the key topics of the day and chat about them under the expert eye of our host Harriet Minter and facilitator Lynne Parker. There will also be a few funny guests to get you giggling.

Stand Up to Stand Out

How to use humour in business – Lynne Parker, founder and chief executive of Funny Women.
Humour is as valuable in business today as it is in our personal lives. Throw away the corporate rule book and have fun. Find ways to present yourself in a more relaxed, authentic style to suit today’s modern business environment.

You Couldn’t Make It Up

How to improvise – Emma Stroud, managing director of Pitch Perfect Club.
Thinking on your feet is a vital too for both business and personal success. Without the confidence to do so, you can limit yourself across all elements of your life. Improvisation is an amazing skill to develop. In this workshop we explore how you can enhance delivery of your messages and grow your business and career.

The Magic Words

How to get the website you want – Sharon Wright, award-winning journalist, web editor and scriptwriter.
Right – time to stop faffing and panicking about not having a proper website. Grab some Hobnobs, head for the webby 101 workshop and nail how to word the website you need. Nope! No excuses! If not now, then when Lady?

Can You Feel It?!

Get your mojo running – Charlotte Sweeney, accomplished global speaker and a member of the Professional Speakers Association.
To ‘stand out’ requires a level of confidence – confidence in your skills, knowledge and abilities as well as confidence in how you feel. People who stand out, for the right reasons, know that how they feel about themselves has a direct impact on their day to day performance in whatever they do. People who stand out are resilient, they know their strategies of how to get up after a knock and they know how to use their energy levels throughout the day to get the best out of themselves….they work with their MOJO!

Can’t Find The Words

Having a voice – Lisa Armytage, professional actor.
A lot of women find public speaking difficult and our voices are naturally soft, but actress Lisa Armytage will work with you in a practical session that will focus on relaxation, breathing and an introduction to “placing’ the voice.

How Does How You Look Affect How You Feel? How does how you feel affect how you look? – Joanna Gaudoin, managing director of Inside Out Image.
In this workshop, Joanna Gaudoin helps you think about the colours and styles that you wear now and what you actually like. They may be similar or they may not, this workshop will help you invigorate both how you feel about your appearance and how you look.

And to round off the event we have a very special and inspirational headline guest. The Telegraph’s multi-talented Lucy Cavendish will be joining us to talk about her hectc work life, juggling kids, failed relationships, dating and helping her son make coddled eggs. When she’s not ‘egging’ her son on she’s walking the dogs, complaining about her car, crying and failing to make that all essential mood board.

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