Three investment opportunities for mums looking for work

If you’re a mum who has decided to return to work, congratulations.

3 Investment Opportunities for Moms Looking for WorkThere are tons of opportunities out there that you can take advantage of. Whether you are considering going back into your own job, trying something different, or even working online, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back into the workforce. Many mums with young children decide to look for part time work at first, or look for jobs that they can do when their children are playing or asleep. Investing is ideal in both of these cases. If you’re interested, check out the following three investment opportunities that may be ideal:

1. Day Trading

There are sceptics who say that only “1 in 100” day traders is good enough to be predictably profitable, but the same can be said in any industry that is as competitive – most newcomers don’t follow through to see the endeavour to it’s potential. Plus, there’s a degree of luck involved, and you really can make a lot of money quickly if you know when to cash out, so it’s a fun pastime and investment for stay-at-home moms to tinker with in their free time. Basically, you just use a trading platform like ETX Capital and you’ll be able to make Forex trades with ease. Researching the art of trading is a great hobby in and of itself, and it has the potential to pay off. Still, be cautious about how much you invest – don’t approach it like you’re paying slots at a casino.

2. Consignment Business

Nowadays you can get loads free or cheap used things online and the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is truer than ever. If you have a way to pick up items or have them dropped off to you, you can make a decent side income selling free and cheap items that people don’t want. For example, you find an ad online that says somebody is giving away their television. You pick it up for free, and then list it for £20 online. It’s a simple home business model that has worked for many people and you don’t even have to leave your house to find and list deals. Even if the items you invest in don’t sell immediately, when they do you’ll be making a profit.

3. Buying and Selling Websites

Purchasing domains, developing websites, populating them with content, and earning funds from the advertising revenue or other monetization methods is a great way to invest at home while also discovering a hobby that could pan out to be a career one day. There’s so much involved that it kind of resembles a very complicated game or puzzle. There’s also something very fulfilling about building a site from scratch and watching it flourish and become a revenue stream that gradually gets larger each month.

You might think to yourself that the above three recommendations aren’t suitable as stable careers. And to that most people would say you are right. But they are legitimate investment methods that you can do from home, and which, when done right., can be reasonably profitable in the long-term.

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