3 Mistakes You May Be Making Which Repel Mr Right

Love Mentor LogoLadies, I know you are amazing and talented and can do everything just as well as he can and let’s be frank here – sometimes better.

But let him feel needed from the start, from the first time you meet him, right from the very first interaction, from the first date. Because historically and for millions of years men were the hunter & providers and looked after women, that was their role, that was what they did. As we all know, around 40 or 50 years ago everything changed, women could have jobs in the city, do roles that were formerly men’s. And so the relationships between men and women which had evolved over millennia changed. Men historically have been needed by women perhaps more than today and having always had it, subconsciously it is something they have been programmed over a long period of time to like.

When you are so good at everything, when you change the tyre on the car, do the home decorations as well as successfully holding down a job, he doesn’t feel needed by you. If this is you, I applaud your capability; it’s fantastic you can do everything. I also encourage you to when a guy you like is around ask him to do some of these things, “honey, can you fix the taps” or at the least if he offers, let him do these things, right from the beginning of your relationship.

When you make a man feel needed, when you let him do little things for you, it taps into that primitive part of his brain, that of the hunter and provider.

It makes him feel like a man, it makes him happy and also and very importantly, it increases his attraction to you.

Secondly, be warm; give warmth out – because men love warmth. If you radiate warmth – you tend to receive warmth back. Some women have closed this off to men and don’t show their warm side. Living in a big city means we often don’t try to make contact with people. Some women have turned off that inner warmth, their inner sparkle so they don’t get to much attention at work, sometimes women want to appear strong at work so they close off their emotional side. When you sit in front of a computer screen all day there is also no incentive to sparkle because when you sparkle at a computer screen it doesn’t sparkle back. And sometimes you forget to switch your emotional side, the fun, playful, relaxed, sparkling side back on at the end of the day.

We need to remember to switch the sparkle back on whenever we meet a guy we like, because that is what makes you irresistible to him.

Thirdly, show appreciation – when men do something for you, acknowledge it, smile and say thank you. Men do like to feel appreciated – so let them know that you appreciate them say thank you and the reason why. I really like that because (you’ve saved me so much time, it’s too heavy for me…) When they know the reason why and they know exactly what they did to please they’ll want to do it more.

beth1Author Bio:

My name is Elizabeth Sullivan, I am a Love Mentor & Relationship Coach, helping busy, single professional woman attract a great relationship. I help them be even clearer about what will make them happy long term, be in the right space and attract the men they want.

Irene, who I started work with in March, had been single for 10 years. Within a month she had met a wonderful man. She has now been dating him for 5 months and is happy, in love and enjoying her life so much more. I also work with women who are already in relationships to make it even better.


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  1. penelope

    Lots of truth in this article. Men are not mind readers and love to hear that they are needed.