3 Practical Ways to Help Discover Your Purpose

closer look-thumbWhen you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your job, career or another area of your life, it is common to question your purpose in life. Identifying your purpose can feel hugely overwhelming and can leave you feeling extremely frustrated.

You might be thinking, once I know my purpose, everything will fall into place and I will feel fulfilled. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Identifying your purpose is just the beginning. Once you identify your purpose, you then have the task of working out how to live your life in alignment with your purpose.

Here are 3 ideas you can try to help you to discover your purpose:

1. Get Inspired – What inspires you?

Music, art, nature, food, etc.? Spend time engaged in something that inspires you. Don’t wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door. Go out and find it, or create it. Visit a gallery or a library or take a walk in a park or by a river. Read something motivational, inspirational or uplifting. Pick up a paintbrush, knitting needles, or a recipe book. Look at some beautiful photos, or read something humorous.

2. Get Excited – What excites you?

What gets your heart racing? Rollercoasters, fast cars, climbing or competing in a competition; what does it for you? What could you plan? Plan something exciting, with or without other people. Could you plan a day out with friends to a theme park or would you prefer to jump out of a plane?

3. Visualise – Do you have a vision/dream/mood board?

Spend a few hours flicking through magazines and cutting out any words or images you feel drawn to. Once you have a pile of words and images, arrange them on a piece of paper or card – whatever size you decide – and arrange them as you like and then stick them down. Vision boards are very effective tools for inspiring you and the actual process of creating them activates a different part of the brain, which in itself can move you closer to discovering your purpose.

These three things should give you more clarity and move you closer to identifying you purpose.

“The high prize of life, the crowning fortune of man, is to be born with a bias to some pursuit which finds him in employment and happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

LeanneLindseyAuthor Bio:

I’m Leanne Lindsey, a career coach and founder of LL Coaching Ltd www.llcoaching.co.uk. I work predominantly with professional women who are feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in their career. Women, who are still ambitious and want to be successful, however no longer enjoy their day job and would love to do something more meaningful.

It is my aim to reignite your passion and enthusiasm whilst inspiring and motivating you to create a career and life you love.

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