3 Simple Instagram tips that will get you seen by your ideal client

Attractive Young Woman with Red Hair Working from Home - Female Entrepreneur Sitting on Bed with Laptop Computer, Paperwork and Checking Cell Phone from Comfort of HomeAnna, 36 is the Director of social media management business Socailsta Media.

Over the last few years, the business has gone from strength to strength. Now having over 100 client’s and a tribe of staff working for her, Anna is the ultimate social media guru.

Socialista Media specialised in offering large live masterclasses in venues all over the country. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic meaning large gatherings & masterclasses were impossible, Anna quickly realised there was not only a gap in the market for a new way of working but realistically didn’t want to let her clientele down.

Anna reverted to online training as opposed to in person live masterclasses which she was accustomed to holding on a weekly basis. Initially, this first online masterclass was offered for free as a way to help businesses all over the country grow their platforms. During this masterclass, Anna reached audiences from all over the globe including Spain, Dubai, USA & even Australia. This was received unbelievably well & Anna decided to make this a permanent option.

Each week, Anna gives her followers her a brief insight int her top tips to improve their social media following, growth & overall engagement. With Instagram being one of the biggest social media platforms in use for brands, one of the main features are of course Instagram stories.

As the landscape of social media & Instagram in particular changes; it is extremely important to be aware of the latest and most lucrative methods of keeping your consumers engaged and essentially creating new sales whilst attracting your dream clients and customers.

Below are 3 tips from Anna on how to be seen by your IDEAL client without having to spend a penny;

1 – Comments

As a business owner, you should know who your ideal customer is so find them… then COMMENT on their posts! This is literally leaving a business card underneath their content that basically says “I’ll just leave this here, come check me out!”

2 – DMs

The same ideal client has an inbox just waiting for you to slide in with a DM! Reach out, get chatting, compliment them, share how you could help them, offer them a sneak peak of your new collection, gift them a discount voucher…make friends in the DMs!

3 – Tags

Want to feature on a story other than your own but don’t know how to make this happen? TAG! Whether you’re sharing a grid post or a story be sure to tag in ALL of the brands/businesses that feature! Working at a wedding? Tag ALL other suppliers! Heavy session at the gym? Tag your trainer, the gym, the outfit you’re wearing! We would put money on the fact other businesses would share your story to theirs using the method above!

For more information please visit;

Website – https://www.socialistamedia.co.uk

Instagram  – @socialistauk

Email – [email protected]

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