3 tips to get people reading your email newsletter

(and keeping them on your mailing list)

EllenRussell-emailslideIt’s always a buzz to watch your email list grow.

Having a good list of people who want to receive updates from your business can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool to have. However, sometimes people unsubscribe from your lists, which can feel like rejection. So, how do you keep new subscribers coming back time and again?

Here are some proven methods to keep your readers opening your emails, and with practice, you can send informative newsletters that will help you grow your list even more.

  1. Write emails that your audience want to read

It sounds simple, but writing emails that your audience wants to read in a voice they can relate to is definitely the best way to make sure that people keep wanting more.

Consider the supermarket magazines that are given away at checkouts. Every chain has one, but each is geared to a different demographic — one might offer time consuming recipes from around the world with the goal of introducing their readers to exotic ingredients, whereas another will focus on the needs of the cost conscious shopper, with quick tasty recipes that will feed a family on a limited budget, or those who are short for time to cook after a long day at work.

  1. Make your newsletter easy to share and your list easy to join.

Once you’ve got great content that will keep your current subscribers on your list, the next thing to do is to make your email shareable. Great content gets shared, but making it easy to share gets it shared more often. Make sure you include a ‘forward to a friend’ link in your email.

But don’t stop there. You want your subscribers’ friends to join your email list, so make sure you include a link in your newsletter that lets them do just that. Definitely don’t forget to post your newsletter on your social media feeds. You can even add a newsletter sign up button to your Facebook page – check out my last article for more details on that!

  1. Don’t overdo it!

Remember to tell your subscribers how often they will receive your newsletter and what will be in it. Then stick to this.

There is nothing worse than receiving too many emails from a list you’ve just joined. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and annoyed with anyone who is bombarding you with emails. Making a plan of what you want to send out and when, will stop you from over-using your list, help you give them the content they like and meaning you have happy subscribers.

Growing and maintaining an email newsletter list doesn’t have to be daunting! Use these tips and your list will soon start growing and you’ll keep your subscribers loyal.

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