30/03/2021: WeAreVirtual: Own the Room | Jodi Goldman

WeAreVirtual, Jodi Goldman

It’s not what you know OR who you know that makes the biggest difference to your success…it’s HOW you are known.

Your confidence, your presence, your communication, and your energy is what differentiates you. It’s what makes people trust, listen, support, and connect with you. Charisma, magnetism and being impactful isn’t something that you’re just born with – it’s a skill.

In this masterclass with Personal Impact Coach, Jodi Goldman, you will learn:

– The C4 formula for Impact

– How to step up, stand out, and shine (even if you’re an introvert)

– How to not let the behaviour or energy of other people affect you

– How to apply the formula in different scenarios, like meetings, presenting or networking, so that you can own the room


About Jodi:

Jodi Goldman is a Personal Impact Coach and international Speaker who helps successful, ambitious women to master their leadership presence so that they can OWN THE ROOM, using her C4 Formula. Over the last 15 years she has worked with thousands of people and companies like Google, RBS, the Post Office, Merlin Entertainment, and Sony.

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