30 Blogs with Creative Christmas Party Ideas

Nannynet JobsPlanning the perfect Christmas party can be an overwhelming task; however, with the aid of the internet, you don’t have to party plan alone. 

Here are 30 blog entries that will help you plan your party from start to finish, ensuring that you have everything from the invitations and the decorations, to the menu and the party games, and everything in between.

Check them out and get ready to throw the bash of the season!

Party Invitations

Invitations help set the tone of the party before any guest steps foot in your door.  Do you want to go formal or casual?  Is there a theme other than Christmas?  You can find ideas for how to make your own invitations or where to order them online.  Check out these five blog posts to get some ideas.

Dazzling Decorations

Really WOW your guests by creating a truly special atmosphere for the party.  Twinkling lights, ribbon and the ideas from these 5 bloggers will help you transform your space into party central.

Menu Ideas

What’s a party without great food? While you likely want to serve your guests some tasty treats, you also probably don’t want to spend the entire party in the kitchen. These bloggers have a few tips for creating food that allows you to attend your own party.

Drink Ideas

If alcohol isn’t on your list of drinks to serve or if you want to have a festive, non-alcoholic drink option, try serving some fizzy mock-tails or festive punch at your Christmas party this year.  Not only will the drinks be kid friendly, but you won’t have to worry about guests over indulging.  Here are five blog posts to get your on your way.

Gift Exchanges

Having activities for your guests is a good way to keep the party moving. One fun and festive activity for a Christmas party is a gift exchange.  There are many types of gift exchanges, so here are five blog posts to get you started.

Party Games

To make sure that your party is the hit of the season you might want to think about adding a game to it.  Often, adults think they are too old for games and are content to stand around and talk, but once you get people involved in a game there is a lot of laughter. For some game ideas look no further than these five blog entries.

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