31/10/22: Post Cancer Meet Up – Walthamstow | Life after Cancer

cancer meetup

The aim of our Life after Cancer in person meet-up is to increase physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing and reduce isolation. The support members receive reduces the risk of serious mental distress and helps to build a positive life after their cancer experience.

We are excited to move our support group away from zoom for a monthly in-person meet up for adults who have finished cancer treatment. This is an opportunity to meet other adults who have finished cancer treatment and socialise in a safe, non judgemental space. The sessions are free and will be held once a month at 7pm in Orford House, Walthamstow.

Who is this for? This is for anyone who has finished cancer treatment, is looking to increase their mental wellbeing and would like to meet others who have also experienced cancer.

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