4 Simple ways to feel good about yourself

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“I don’t like myself, I’m crazy about myself.” – Mae West

Unfortunately we live in a world where there is intense pressure on women to look and behave a certain way. This can often leads us to focusing on all the things that are wrong with us; feeling less than our best.

Many women look outside of themselves to feel good and numb the pain of being someone they’re not to fit into society’s ideals of what it is to be a woman. Compulsive shopping, excessive eating and prescription pills are just a few temporary escapes women use to feel better. The problem is that although these things may feel good in the moment, they often lead to women feeling even worse about themselves; continuing the negative cycle.

Here are four simple and positive ways to feel good about yourself.

1. Start each day positively

Begin each day doing something that helps you to feel better about yourself.

It can be spiritual, physical, emotional or intellectual.

I start the day by listening to personal development audio books whilst I am getting ready. Some people journal, some people read, some meditate whilst others exercise.

Do whatever works for you. Even if it’s only for five minutes, it will ensure you at least start the day on a positive note, making you much more resilient to any negative energy you may encounter throughout the day.

2. Treat yourself

I don’t mean buy yourself a new handbag or pair of shoes, especially when you really can’t afford it and don’t need it.

I am talking about the little things that you can do for yourself every day.

Add bubbles to your bath, serve your dinner as though Gordon Ramsey was coming over, turn off your phone and have an early night or spend the entire evening lost in a good book.

These seemingly small things are a way of telling yourself that you’re worth it.

3. Plan ahead for bad hair days

Some mornings you just wake up feeling like crap. It’s either a bad hair day or a massive spot that looks like you’re growing a second head. Or maybe the weather is the complete opposite to what was forecast the night before and you don’t have time to iron an alternative outfit.

I’m sure you can relate as we all have days like this.

Looking your best does not mean looking as though you’re about to strut the catwalk, but it does mean feeling as though you could strut your stuff confidently alongside those long-legged supermodels.

When you have days like this, keep it simple.

Have a few go-to items in the wardrobe that don’t need ironing, that you can match with most accessories and shoes and that you always feel good wearing. Reserve these items only for these days, otherwise you risk them being in the wash or feeling like I’ve worn this too many times this month. Also have a simple go to hairstyle that you can work with on a bad hair day.

4. Be grateful

This is something you always hear, and it’s because it works.

No matter what you are going through there is always someone somewhere experiencing the same or worse.

You can always find a reason to be grateful. Just the fact that you are alive is something to be thankful for.

Too often we only consider the big and normally materialistic things when we think of gratitude and overlook the small yet very important aspects of our lives.

Some of the small daily things I am grateful for include a hot shower, a traffic free drive home, online shopping, having both my parents and all my grandparents still alive, being able to read and being able to hear and listen to music.

Like many things in life, we look for complicated solutions to our problems and often we look outside of ourselves. Remember only you have the power over how you feel each day and these are just four ways you can take control over how you feel about yourself.

Leanne LindseyAuthor Bio:

Leanne Lindsey loves inspiring, motivating and empowering women who have had enough of feeling demotivated, fed up and unfulfilled to create a career and life they love. She is a Career and Lifestyle Fulfilment Coach and author of Get A Career & Life You Love, who has experienced redundancy, a complete career change, starting a small business and as a result is enjoying what she calls “the sweetness of life”.

Through 1-1 coaching, workshops and writing, Leanne works predominantly with women who are considering a career change or craving a more fulfilled life, to identify any limiting beliefs, find inspiration, get creative, explore their options, rediscover their purpose and develop a plan for living a more meaningful life, full of happiness, joy, peace and abundance.

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