Four ways to become more empowered as a woman

happy woman with glitter, take the credit, 2020The word empowerment gets thrown around a lot these days, and often in contradictory ways.

Through my Orion’s Method coaching system, I seek to help women become their best selves, and I can’t help but notice just how much popular advice for women is outright terrible. One of the most common problems is the view that femininity is somehow a weakness to be sacrificed in service of achieving empowerment, even though the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

This isn’t to say that empowerment isn’t a great goal. It certainly is. We just need a general rethink of how to achieve it. And to help with that, I’m going to take you through four ways in which a modern woman can empower herself without also needing to diminish herself.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We’ve always compared ourselves to those around us, but social media now makes it so much worse. Influencers put out airbrushed versions of their lives and it also hurts a lot of people by making them feel like failures by comparison. This is particularly true for women who see humanitarian supermodels and unrealistic expectations everywhere they look.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to have the ideal body and the ideal family. What even is the ideal body? There simply isn’t one. Tastes vary. What matters is that you like the way you look. And the same is true for so many things. If you’re happy with your job, don’t worry about what careers your peers or favorite celebrities are working in. Focus on your life. The more you can learn to live your life on your own terms, the more powerful you’ll feel.

Find an approach to work that’s uniquely yours

Professional advice for women often involves conforming to expectations. Stop wearing clothes you find comfortable and start dressing to impress. Stop showing emotion and adopt an austere persona to show that you’re coldly competent. Stop making time for yourself and start attacking the grind to demonstrate your discipline. But this is a big mistake.

Even if some companies still lag behind the times, many have already accepted that the old ways of working were illogical in various ways. The best approach to work is the one that helps you stay content and productive — and if that means wearing sundresses and sandals, that’s exactly what you should do. It might ruffle a few feathers at first, but stare down the disruption and keep getting the job done. Soon enough it’ll be accepted.

Take up a daunting physical challenge

Healthy body, healthy mind. Everyone knows that, but it’s all too easy to fixate on convoluted diets that are supposed to bring happiness but actually just leave you feeling deprived. It’s far better to take up a serious physical challenge that will drag you away from your comfort zone and force you to adapt to endure it. Women are incredibly adaptable.

The classic example is running a half-marathon. It won’t be pleasant or even convenient, but achieving a goal like that won’t just enhance your physical condition: it’ll also remind you of how you can transform yourself when you need to make it happen. And once you’ve hit one goal, you’ll probably want to keep going and reach even more.

Remember everything you’ve overcome

Lastly, whenever you feel down on yourself and become convinced that the obstacle ahead of you is simply too much to overcome, remember this vital truth: you’ve already overcome countless obstacles throughout your life. How many times has someone doubted your abilities or tried to hold you back? How much unfair treatment have you been subjected to?

Every time you thought you couldn’t go on, you found a way to get past it. The fact that you’re here and seeking further empowerment proves this. So if none of those roadblocks were enough to stop you, what reason do you have to think that the next roadblock will be different? If you’re looking for evidence of your strength, look no further than your past. You’ve made it this far, and you’re going to make it so much farther. Believe it.

About the author

Orion Talmay is a wellness expert and love coach. Through her integrative approach, Orion’s Method, she helps women awaken their inner goddess and nurture their feminine confidence. Orion is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and holds certifications with the AAPT, KBA, and AFFA.

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