40 and getting back into dating

DatingDating is an activity often associated with young age. After all, most of us expect to have found the love of our lives before we reach the end of our twenties, if not earlier. That will be the case for a lot of people, but not everyone. In fact, there are lots of us in our forties who are still looking for love. This can be because we never really found the right partner, but can also be caused by the hardships life throws as us such as divorce and loss. Even though those difficulties make it hard for us to get back into dating, we all deserve a chance at happiness.

A cosy and lonely single life

Single life is something that we can all get comfortable with. After all, it provides us with a certain freedom, allowing us to live the way we want without having to be accountable to anyone else. Having this control over our own lives can become very addictive, to the point where we can forget how good it feels to share ourselves with a loved partner. This cosy single routine only gets more anchored into us as we grow older, making old habits difficult to break. But as cosy and easy as it might be, living the single life is also a very lonely place to be.

Accepting happiness

In order to break out of our old habits, we need to recognise that we are not as happy as we could be. This is because living just for ourselves isn’t the way to true happiness. The best way to enjoy life is to live it not only for ourselves but also for others. In fact, taking people in and caring for them will bring us more happiness than any other act we can do for ourselves. This is something that we often completely forget about when living a single life, and getting back into dating will really remind us of the true meaning of the word happiness

Getting back into dating

Hooking up with strangers will probably feel like a difficult thing to do, especially after living by our own rules for so long. However, giving people a chance and giving dating a try is actually not as hard as it once was. For one thing, the internet surely makes it easier to find new people, and it is amazing to see how many people of our age are using over 40 dating sites to find a loved one. This indicates that we are not alone and that there is indeed someone out there waiting for us to enter their lives

Being careful but confident

Meeting up with new people has indeed been made easier thanks to technology, but that doesn’t mean that we should put our guards down. If anything, having spent a long time being single most likely means that we are very weary and untrusting of meeting new people. So instead of this holding us back from finding love, let’s use those cautious feelings to make sure we are careful not meeting the wrong people. Keeping our critical thinking will allow us to filter through all those online dating profiles which are just too good to be true, ensuring we are not a victim of any fraudulent behaviour. And when it comes down to creating our own dating profile, we have spent enough time as a single person that we actually know ourselves so it won’t be hard to describe who we are. We only need to ensure that we portray ourselves in a positive and confident manner and by doing so we will find the right person!

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