42 per cent of women in the UK know someone who had to give up work due to lack of flexibility

Working from home with small children

42 per cent of women in the UK know someone who had to give up work due to a lack of flexibility, according to new research.

The research, conducted by Women in Business Expo, found that a lack of flexibility and issues with childcare are some of the biggest challenges women in the UK face in their careers.

The research also found that 39 per cent of British women have struggled to find a role with the right level of flexibility required.

Failures in flexibility can have a far reaching impact on the work/life balance of many women. For 67 per cent of British women having a work/life balance is more important to them than salary, but 39 per cent are still frustrated that they have had to sacrifice their salary and career progression so that they can ensure they have the right work/life balance in bringing up a family.

Worryingly, juggling family and work commitments is still a big issue for working women in the UK. Just under half (48 per cent) of women know someone who has had to give up work due to the cost of childcare and 19 per cent have either denied or not mentioned to potential employers that they have or are planning to have children. In addition, 20 per cent of women surveyed stated they would have to take parental leave even though they earn more than their partner.

Given this response, it’s unsurprising that when asked what initiatives would have the most positive impact on workplace gender equality, 38 per cent called for greater support for paternity leave in the workplace, with 34 per cent stating that greater support needed to come from the government for this. However it didn’t quite make the top spot in improvement initiatives, as over half of women (55 per cent) stated the creation of more flexible roles would have one of the most positive impacts, and 42 per cent noted the simple ability to have more open conversation regarding flexibility within roles.

Speaking about the research, Christie Day, Group Event Director for Women in Business Expo said, “There’s been huge strides in workplace gender equality in the last couple of decades, but this research has shown there is still a long way to go before we achieve total gender parity.”

“A quarter of women still have issues with a gender pay gap in their workplace, and 16 per cent still experience everyday sexism.”

“This is simply not good enough.”

“Businesses leaders need to start taking greater responsibility for ensuring equality in the workplace beyond what is mandated by the government.”

“Offering flexible working, for example, would not only benefit female employees with children but is something everyone would value.”

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