5 Reasons why you should consider using Natural Contraception

Young Woman Biting Her Finger NailToday I went out shopping and came home with a juicer! Yep, I have decided that I can’t ignore it any more, I really need to start paying more attention to what I am putting in to my body.

So, have you joined the ‘juicer movement’? Are you already acutely aware that the bad things we put into our body puts us on a fast track to developing disease and speeds up the aging process? If so, you may have taken this thought process further and have considered the products you use at home and how you can find toxin free alternatives. You probably invest time to keeping fit and care about your appearance. However do your thoughts extend to your choice of contraception and how your choice of contraceptive method may be affecting your body?

During the last 12 months I am seeing more and more women ditch hormonal methods of contraception and choose instead natural contraception. This renewed interest in natural contraception is in part due to women who are passionate about embracing a more natural lifestyle in every aspect of their lives.

However as it’s just so convenient to go on popping those pills, I thought I would make it easy for you and tell you 5 reasons why you should start thinking about you and choose Natural Contraception.

Within our body we have this amazing fertility secret that’s just waiting for you to come and find it.

Natural Contraception is……..
  • Up to 99% effective – Yes it really is and that’s more effective than The Pill!

I know how important it is to be confident in your method of contraception. If taught by a qualified fertility practitioner and used correctly research shows that natural contraception is up to 99% effective (you can read the research here – http://humrep.oxfordjournals.org/content/22/5/1310.full). It’s true that you’ve got to be motivated and dedicated to use this contraception as it takes a bit of time to learn but it’s not rocket science.

  • Natural and eco-friendly

What can be more natural than what your body is telling you? Our bodies have been telling us when we’re fertile and when we’re not since time began, the only difference is that we have stopped listening! By using natural contraception you learn to accurately observe and record your natural fertility indicators. These are your morning temperature, your cervical secretions and the position of your cervix (optional indicator).

  • Safe and hormone free

Choosing to use natural contraception is certainly a safe option. Unlike hormonal contraception there are no side effects such as weight gain, acne or breast tenderness. There are also no long term risks such as those often associated with the pill, like the increased risk of thrombosis and concerns over breast cancer.

  • A skill for life

Once you have learned how to use natural contraception to avoid pregnancy it’s a skill for life and can be used to easily achieve pregnancy when you want to. By being in tune with your cycle you can accurately determine the optimum time to conceive and often know that you have conceived earlier than a pregnancy test can tell you!

  • Empowering and convenient

So many women I teach can’t believe that they didn’t know about this before and feel that they have really got to know and understand their bodies for the first time. Natural contraception is totally under your control. There’s no need to find the time to get to your GP, there’s no waiting for a prescription, there’s also no sudden panic when you realise you’ve run out of pills! Within our body we have this amazing fertility secret that’s just waiting for you to come and find it.

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PrintKate Davies (RN, Bsc Hons, FP Cert) is a Fertility Practitioner, Fertility Coach and columnist, and the founder of Your Fertility Journey. Kate works with women and couples helping them achieve pregnancy naturally and coaches women to successfully navigate their fertility journey. Kate also teaches natural fertility methods to achieve pregnancy and to also use as natural contraception.

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