50 really is the new 40

DSC_2293-1These days we are surrounded with great examples of 50 and over women, the likes of Madonna, Elle Macpherson but these ladies though fab have an army of help on every level so they can look that good and great management to run their businesses. Most of us juggle family, work, while trying to find the time to stay fit and healthy let alone find the money for excellent plastic surgery.

The last few years we have seen the rise of the encore entrepreneur. People starting their own business after the age of 40. The biggest number of these being women over 50. Some of these women have been successful in their work and just decided they wanted more out of life (a sort of job mid life crisis) Or women whose kids are now grown up and they have more time on their hands and probably a need to earn more money in these days of high Uni fees and boomerang children.

50 really is the new 40 even with out plastic surgery or fillers/botox, these women look good as we have been taking care of ourselves usually since our 30’s. We eat a healthier diet and are generally more aware of keeping up with trends but with the wisdom of age.

Just go for it and do everything with a smile, don’t compare yourself to anyone… you don’t need to!

Confidence and preparing yourself is the secret to entering this next stage with wisdom and grace. Perimenopause and menopause are an issue but everyone is different (we all go through it differently) and its a personal choice when it comes to HRT. Do your research check your diet and make sure you feel happy. I met my boyfriend (french firefighter 9 years my junior) while holidaying with friends and our kids. He was surfing. At 45 running my own business with 2 daughters (13 and 23), I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was far too busy but I was looking at him!

6 years later my daughters are happily settled (and Ive learnt to let go) and after years of flying between Bordeaux and London (mostly him) I’ve sold my house in Richmond and we are buying our first home together and I’m starting my business all over again in France in a surfing community. Finance wise everything is down the middle for us and all wills have been sorted. It wasn’t easy, but its been thrilling and that’s what gives you confidence. Experience has helped me deal with all these changes that only age gives you and my new client base here appreciates this, my London clients now have a great place to visit, I’ve already had one fly over in their own plane to give my new Studio their seal of approval. Just go for it and do everything with a smile, don’t compare yourself to anyone… you don’t need to!

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