50 Wise Ways to Online Dating – Part 1

Online dating is really not a strange concept, by now I hope!!! How many things do we do online nowadays? Our WiseGirls who got ready for online dating are now enjoying great success!!!  Mrs L for example, got online and went from being Miss P to Mrs L within 9months!!

1 – Set your expectations right. This is where the road to Timbuktu map will help! who do you really want to be with?

2 – It’s also about you. A prince will fall for a certain type of lady, if you want a prince. WiseGirls position themselves well

3 –  Double the confidence dose!! You’ll need it!! (See last’s week’s WiseGirlsTalk show)

4 – Know that online conversations are part of your qualifying period

5 – Encourage rapport online but if it’s not flowing move on..

6 – Protect yourself! He’s still a stranger until FULLY qualified!! Don’t share too much online!!

7 – Spread your bets on here too… Same principle, try different sites!

8 – Interact but not for too long on line. You don’t want to fall for an online image! Move the conversations to face to face

9 -But, be careful! If he comes up  with excuses when you suggest a  face to face meeting!!  Freak alert!! Move on!

10 – Brace your self for the first meeting… It’s just the same as a first blind date!!

Part II follows next week.

– WiseGirl

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