50 Wise Ways to Online Dating – Part II: From Online to the First Date

Moving from online conversations to first date is always exciting…. One way or the other, a connection has been made, but ladies, all is not fully set, yet!!!! Reality may be far from what he’s shared online!! Truth!!! Let’s be real here!!

Here are the next 10 wise ways to online dating:

11 – Wise Girls always make the first date a coffee date!!! With that, you only need an hour maybe two but nothing beyond two!!!

12 – And you know this already but worth mentioning here again, Safety first, an afternoon date is your first choice!! No rushing into dinners at this stage!

14 – Therefore, manage your expectations before the date. I say clear your head, minimise the romanticisation…just prepare yourself for a real reality dose!!!  Things may just not happen on the first date!!!!

15 –  Looking your best is paramount!! It’s part of your self esteem boost routine!!! So this week, I asked Bolanle, from Makeuppro and makeup stylist to Alek Wek, to talk to us about best makeup routine tips for a hot date!! Check out the show from here 

16 – First date conversations!! Well what can I say with this one.. WiseGirls keep it super light!!! Very light! You know, concentrate on areas of common interest and remember it’s not an interview!!!!

17 – The sign off messages, i.e. the goodbyes, these are best said with a clear eye and voice, in a polite, non committal way! Gooey eye good byes is slightly premature at this stage!! That’s just truth!!

18 – I’m hoping for you  that all went well on your first date with Mr Online.. If it did, allow him to call you back after the date.. Whatever you do, never call back immediately!! Let the experience settle!! In all reality, I’ve found out that if he likes me, he’ll call you, almost immediately post date or a day after!!

19 – But as we’re human, I’ll say if nothing has happened after three days, drop him  a SHORT text, with a very light hello (and that should be enough).. just to make sure that he’s still breathing….

20 – WiseGirl reality check!! Spread your bet!!! See the next guy that you marked as potential online, and go through Part I and  II with him again!!

Online dating may be for you!!! If you’re new to the game, try the WiseWays shared on here so far!!! Sooner or later, this becomes second hand to you… Part III coming up next week!!


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