50 Wise Ways to Online Dating – Part III: d2 The Second Date

OK so the first date went OK?!!! Congratulations!! The feeling is mutual and things are looking good but don’t book the church just yet!! Check out Part III of 50 WiseWays to Online Dating – D2

21 – Wait to be asked for D2!! Men are hunters!!

22 – WiseGirls set the pace.. Leave some room between the first date and the second date!!

23 – D2 is still within the discovery time space! Actually every day is a discovery day so don’t rush it!!!

24 – Make D2 an activity date!!! Be different!! It also helps build on the friendship and bonding

25 –  Maintain the fabulousness by looking and feeling good at all times!! And you don’t have to break the bank to have this!!! You will find this week’s session with Natalie Robinson of Style Glam useful!! Great tips on A/W styling!

26 – On D2, continue to discover more sides to Mr Wonderful but keep Nancy Drew locked up at home!!

27 – Keep D2 short and sweet! Focus more on the activity and enjoy your self!!! Keep the obvious out of your mind!!!  Too much tension kills the romance!!!

28 – Nice, short and sweet thank you text after D2 wouldn’t hurt but wait to be called after D2!!

29 – Get busy!!! Fill your diary with activities and frankly I will say this again, see more people!

30 – Keep schtum!! Running the mouth on a date to the girls doesn’t really help!!! Believe you me!!! Excitement wants us to talk and shout our experience from the roof tops and talk we will but not yet!!!

Enjoy!!!! See you for Part IV




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