50 Wise Ways to Online Dating Part IV – Thoughts on Date 3

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I want to start Part IV with an enriching insight from one the best guys I know (from afar that is) – John T Molloy.  JT at the end of researching 2,543 women and their fiances, 221 women in their late thirties and 463 in their forties discovered that a number of interesting facts on the subject of dating and relationships. I’ve pinched a few of his statistical conclusions below for you..

  • Men think of regular dating as casual dating, whereas women often assume they are already a couple
  • Courtship(dating) gives a man a chance to please his woman so please let him!
  • If you and him have nothing in common except animal attraction, the relationship will not work in the long term

You can get the full book ‘Why Men Marry Some and not Others’ from our store. First, Wise Ways to a successful online dating experience continues….

31 – Don’t freak out if Date 3 (D3) is not happening any time soon. Life is busy for everyone these days, be patient.

33 – At D3, WiseGirls are still reviewing the guy they met online. This means cross checking the date against  your reference points i.e. the map, just to make sure that the guy is still somewhat close to the ‘selection criteria’

34 – Therefore WiseGirls have their eyes wide open. Cooey eyes will cost you (loads) in the end

35 – The elephant in the room – sex on D3. You’ve got to kill it, without any doubt.  Take a leaf out of JT’s research. We also talked about this on the Cookie Jar section .

36 – Whiles we’re on the subject, any physical contact at this stage is best left to a kiss on the cheek. You still don’t know Mr Online Date

37 – Speaking of which, the need to get frisky too soon could be lessened by seeing other people.  You will thank me later.

38 – Kill the tendency to run off your imagination on marriage and kids. It’s still not the time

39 – Don’t focus on what will be too much! D3 is meant to be fun right?

40 -If at the end of D3, your inner girl says run, then run for your life! Don’t string along time wasters thinking that’s the best you can do. You’ll be holding other good men  and experiences up .

Enjoy D3 and don’t forget to check out the store  for more resources.

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