50 Wise Ways to Online Dating Part V – Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the chasm is a big step for many, actually it is BIG for  you and for the guy too.   After Date 3 the conversations would be leading towards the same goal, one that perhaps gives a sense of stability and assurance that this guy may be THE One. Reality of the situation though is that it does not necessarily mean that the ‘girlfriend’ label should be worn around the neck, so long story cut short, here are a few words to help in navigating the tricky D4 stage and if the online choice didn’t make it to D4, this may also help  prop you back on your feet!

41 –  Drop the dogma and pressure on getting frisky on D4! Truth is real men would wait until you’re ready. For one of the WiseGirls, her hot guy who she first met online wanted to be super sure that she is the right girl. He waited until the D4 before she got the big snog! You can guess how long they took to get frisky between the sheet!  She’s now a Mrs! No joke!

42 – Anxiety of getting the ‘girlfriend’ label could turn into something else for you. So lay it off a bit and remember although it’s fun hanging out with you, he’s still trying to gauge how he is going to fit everything together!

43 – By D4, it’s fair to say that a WiseGirl would get involved in organising some of the fun dates and it doesn’t all have to be dinners all the time

44 – Remain cheerful and continue to use the original plan..

45 –  Get a fitness plan together. Helps to refocus the mind and it keeps the energy flow well through your system

Should the unexpected happen such that things begin to turn a tardy bit sour and down south, don’t be disheartened:

46 – It’s his loss, surely. Turn around quickly and look through your other opportunities

47 – Go back on line with a positive mental attitude, re energised and refreshed  of course

48 – When you go back to selecting a new universe, perhaps it’s best to re check your selection criteria again on your dating website. Maybe you want to get real this time around by stating what you really like,  ’softly’ that is. Perhaps deep down, you may prefer a blue eyed, tall stallion who lives alone. There really is no point in leaving the box blank under the guise of being flexible! This will only lead to future frustrations down the line.

49 – Be aware of the other means of selecting your dates too;  a friend may suddenly know of some one who may match your interests.

50 –  Above all, dating is meant to be fun, whichever way you use to select your dates. WiseGirls enjoy themselves on each and every date and they do make sure that each date is on their individual map to ‘Timbuktu’!

I have really enjoyed sharing the 50 WiseWays to Online Dating series with you! I am grateful to the other WiseGirls who freely shared their experiences with me, for they truly have been priceless to all of us.

I would love to hear your views on how you meet your dates. Would you help me by filling out this very short SURVEY ?

Love Always



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