6 ways to beat the back to work blues

alg_stressed_business-womanThe first day back at work after a perfect holiday is easily one of the most depressing in the working year – trading in your sandals and sombrero for work wear, or an idyllic beach for a dreary commute. And once you’re back in the office, it only gets worse – an inbox fit to bursting or a pile of paperwork that rivals Mt. Everest.

Stretching your holiday to the last minute might have seemed prudent – more holiday means more relaxation, right? – but you can quickly feel as though you’ve jumped back in the pool before you’re ready.

But is there a better way to get back into work – dipping your toe in the waters and easing your way back into work without any sudden surprises? Thankfully, help is at hand in the latest infographic from business travel experts Medway Travel where they show us 6 simple tips to smooth out your re-entry into the workplace.

From exercising and eating the right foods to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, there’s plenty of simply ways you can improve engagement and wellbeing in the office and beyond.

Getting organised is an important step to keeping those back to work blues at bay. Rushing headlong into your task-list on the first day back is certain to backfire – making you feel stressed and disengaged. Creating a schedule in advance for your first week back will allow you to hit the ground running – having prioritised your tasks and the order for completion, allocated time for each and thought about how you’ll work on each of them.

Of course, while it’s important to thoroughly plan for the week ahead, it’s equally as important to remain flexible. Work doesn’t stop while you’re away, and there may be new business developments that you’ll need to catch up on. According to research, distractions and interruptions can waste a great deal of time that could otherwise have been productive – taking up as much as 28% of any given work day. By planning ahead for your return, you can focus on priority tasks and prevent any unnecessary distractions.

For more tips and advice on how to beat those back to work blues, make sure to read the rest of the infographic below.


Source: Medway

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