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How often have you said the following?
  • I am going to get fitter,
  • I am going to be healthier,
  • I am going to give up alcohol,
  • I am going to earn more money,
  • I am going to win the lottery,
  • I am going to get promoted,
  • I am going to be a better parent,
  • I am going to be happier.

But does it ever actually happen?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said

‘Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood’

Let me show you how to gain some new ideas to really kick new habits into action by using just 60 minutes a day.
  1. Get up 60 minutes earlier every day
  2. Exercise for as little as 15mins – (Research has shown that the body benefits for 15 hours following exercise)
  3. Write a journal each morning
    1. Focus on goals and aspirations
    2. Consider your values
    3. Document your gratitude, even the simplest of things (every day millions of children wake up with no food)
  4. Enjoy a moment of quiet and your cup of tea/coffee
  5. Say your affirmations in the shower – focus with a positive mind-set
  6. Take five minutes to address what your five things are, that need to happen today to be a day of great value and write them down and don’t finish your day without completing them, for example;
    1. Eating healthier
    2. Thinking strategically
    3. How to create added value with your team or in your business
    4. Writing a thank you note
    5. Allowing yourself 20mins for creativity
    6. Getting home early from work to spend more time with the kids
    7. Purchasing a small token of appreciation for your partner/husband/wife/mother/father or friend
    8. Time to read an inspiring book
    9. Listening to an innovative podcast
    10. Learning a new skill
  7. Use your commute time – Research has shown that a 30 minute commute each day is equal to 6 weeks over a course of a year, so why not outlearn your competition.
    1. Invest in your learning
    2. Listen to a podcast
    3. Be a better entrepreneur
    4. Build a better life
    5. How can you increase daily value
  8. Give up the news for 30 days; the press is continually filled with negative information, energy and content so why would you subject yourself to it daily. By allowing yourself to focus on your energy and mind-set you will find that within 30 days you will have a much more positive outlook on life rather than being drained by all this information. It will also give you the opportunity to focus on good things, positive things and allow yourself to be more creative.

As George Carlin said

‘Life is not measured by the breathes you take, but by the moments that take your breath away’

All these things will help set you up for the day and allow you to shift your mind-set to acknowledge that you truly can do anything.

Think it
Feel it
Do it ~ Shirley Palmer

About the author

Shirley Palmer is our Spiritual Mentor Blogger. Shirley is the developer of The Calmred™ Process. Click the following to find out more: Calmred, Facebook, Twitter
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