7 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence and Accelerate Your Success in 2015

Woman smilingSelf-confidence is a topic I get asked to speak about a lot, particularly with my female clients. Research shows that women often under-estimate our intelligence; play small out of fear of being judged; and many of us also suffer from “perfectionism”. Whatever the reason, most people I work with would like more genuine self-confidence because we all know that it attracts success! In this article I give you 7 practical strategies for strengthening your self-confidence both inside and outside the workplace. I encourage you to read through the list below and choose the points that resonate the most with you.

1. Think and speak positively about yourself.

What we say out loud and think internally impacts our feelings, behaviours and results. It is practically impossible to feel great about ourselves, and perform to the best of our ability, if we are always criticising ourselves and focusing on what we don’t like or would like to change about ourselves. Start becoming your own biggest supporter and focus on your strengths, what makes you unique and what you bring to the table at work.

2. Act confident – project confidence through your body language and appearance.

If you start acting like a confident person you will also start to feel more confident on the inside. Stand up straight and walk with purpose, hold your head up high, smile and make eye contact – it builds rapport and indicates self-confidence. Our behaviour and our feelings are connected. Similarly, dress for success – many of my clients tell me that when they know they look good (clothes and appearance), they also FEEL more confident. If it works for you –use it!

3. Maintain positive relationships

Maintain positive relationships and choose to spend as much time as you can around positive people who encourage you to chase your dreams and play big. Give compliments and receive compliments graciously. Look for the best in others and in yourself.

4. Speak up and be noticed.

Have something to say – express your own opinion. Do not worry about saying the “right thing” as everyone has their own unique view on things. Don’t hold back out of fear of asking a “silly” question.

5. Live by your principles –

Know what’s important to you. Focus on living up to your own standards and being the type of person you would like to be. Try not to worry all the time about what others think of you because we can never keep everyone happy as we all value different things.

6.Have fun and celebrate your successes.

Remember to enjoy the journey of achieving your goals. It’s not just about the destination, it’s about who we become along the way! Make sure you acknowledge your personal successes and achievements.

7. Lastly, watch out for perfectionistic tendencies.

There is nothing wrong with having high standards – but if you are always striving to be perfect you will never feel like where you are right now and who you are right now is enough. Appreciate how far you have come and remember we all have strengths and weaknesses. Learn to accept, respect and appreciate yourself – self-confidence is an inside job ☺.

If you would like to know more about my Career Acceleration Programme for Women, or the work I do helping companies develop and retain their female staff, see www.shonarowan.co.uk or email [email protected]

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