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Ali Miles-Jenkins
Ali Miles-Jenkins | Founder of The BoomBiz

Inspirational Woman: Ali Miles-Jenkins | Founder of The BoomBiz

Ali Miles-Jenkins is an award winning business owner, trainer, coach, author of ‘New Manager Secrets’, a speaker and hypnotherapist. She’s now championing the cause of women over 50 who want that second bite of the cherry to set up and grow their very own expert businesses. “Women may be over 50 but they’re not going...
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Recommended Read: New Manager Secrets | Alison Miles-Jenkins

Get practical answers to the ‘how do I …’ questions and challenges managers face daily If you’re a manager at any level ‘New Manager Secrets’ will transform your management skills. With its focus on practical application of top techniques, tips and know-how you can instantly accelerate your success as a manager and your career. It...
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Delegation | How to do it so it’s a win/win opportunity

Delegation is a great management tool, but it’s often overlooked or done very badly. In either scenario you are missing out on a great opportunity…and so are your team members.  Although delegation is often seen as a time management technique, it is in reality a development tool.  It’s a fantastic way to bring on the...
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The one thing that businesses need more than anything else at the moment – and how to get it

The one thing businesses need more than anything else at the moment is outstanding people. Throughout the turmoil arising out of the numerous challenges facing businesses of all shapes and sizes currently, it’s your people that will make all the difference. Just like in any other business your people are your most important asset. Like...
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How to engage hearts and minds

Here’s some ‘must have’ steps to build and motivate a high performing team How is 2018 turning out for you and your team? With quite a few months under our belt now’s a good time to pause and reflect.  What have been the successes?  Have there been a few challenges?  How good have the team...
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