A Boozy Celebration – Tips to make the right choices

With more parties and social activities, it’s not unusual to drink more alcohol during the holiday season. But if you don’t want to wake up with a pounding hangover and a bloated waistline the next morning, read on:

Those really fruity, girly drinks that we like so much; those ones are loaded with sugar.”

Beer Belly

A lot of people think it’s just the calories but it has a lot to do with how alcohol affects your hormonal balance and your liver. Your liver has a lot to do with processing and disposing of excess hormones and cholesterol.

Nowadays, we are exposed to many toxins – whether it’s junk food, pharmaceutical drugs, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and of course alcohol. When your liver is bombarded by all these things, one of the things that happen is that it cannot process those hormones as affectively, so they aren’t flushed from your body. The liver is also responsible for fat metabolism so when it’s bogged down with all the toxins, it can’t do one of its jobs: getting rid of fat.

Low carb beer versus light beer

You may think that because you drink a lower carb beer, you reduce some of the net carbs. And by doing that, it’s going to reduce calories a little bit. That’s good but it’s actually the alcohol itself and not the carbohydrate that can affect your weight. That’s because alcohol itself still raises the level of insulin in your body. Alcohol raises blood sugar and causes insulin to be released. Insulin is that dreaded fat storage hormone. Just because the beer says it’s low carb, it doesn’t necessary mean you should be drinking more of it. Because its’ going to raise your blood sugar, it’s going to make it difficult to lose weight; especially in that tough to lose waist area.


Some cocktails top up the calorie scale to 600 calories. Do you know of any worst contenders? Those really fruity, girly drinks that we like so much; those ones are loaded with sugar. So there are many. Like the creamy ones mixed with Bailey’s, you are going higher with calories and the sugar content.


It’s better to stick with wine. We might be better off since it’s lower in calories and not going to have as much of a bang on your waistline, if consumed in moderation!

This article was written by Rosaria from the Klinik.

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