A day as a Private Life Organiser


My day starts at 6am, except for Sundays when I wake up at 8am, read the Style Magazine and have breakfast in bed. That is, unless of course, I haven’t booked in a desperate client who wants to de-clutter her study on a Sunday. Then it’s simply back to 6am.

6-8am: I go through all emails, deal with everything that can be done immediately.

At 8am panic starts. Not mine but influx of emails with ad hoc requests like: “Urgent, can you please call Jack from BMW to pick up the car tonight! I know it’s impossible but I know you can make it happen! Or Subject line: Please, Please, Please…order flowers for my mum NOW, forgot her birthday! Oops

You might think I work for spoiled people, but that’s not true. Those emails come from well organised clients whose focus are careers and families. We all forget something or we didn’t manage to plan ahead. Emails like this come in every 2 hours on average.

I used to have little heart-attacks when I started. By now I know they are coming and keep calm like a little Buddha.

11am-4pm is reserved for painful customer service calls where I shine when it comes to complaints. I love resolving issues for my clients and build great relationships with companies so when I call BA or AmEx they know me.

4pm-10pm is the time when I mainly work on bookings, searching, emails, de-clutter etc.

I schedule 1 -2 client or business meetings in the day. And manage my assistants.

10-12pm is reserved for marking emails, prioritise tasks on a list of actions (not to-do lists) for tomorrow.

And yes, I do eat, meditate and have fun. Don’t ask me how, though 😉

About the author

Leonnie has worked with the WATC team for over 5 years. Leonnie also runs her own Design company www.destinydesigns.co.uk.

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