A day in the life of a wedding PR

Nicola Russill-Roy is the PR Director at Propose PR, the UKs only dedicated wedding PR agency.

I kicked off my career in wedding PR around ten years ago.

Back then; I was happily juggling my job in PR for British Airways while planning my wedding. That’s when I spotted it – a gap in the market.

It wasn’t until I was planning my own big day that I realised that there were no PR agencies dedicated to raising the profile of wedding professionals. So I decided to set one up.

Ten years on and Propose PR is going strong. Our reputation has crossed continents and soon, we will soon be launching our new Propose PR Consultancy. So, life is busy!

Here’s what a typical day looks like for me …


I am woken up at 6am every morning by my hungry two-year-old demanding breakfast. Like most people, I cannot start my day without a dose of caffeine. For me, it’s a double caramel espresso.


While my husband gets our daughter ready for her day, I check my emails and make sure nothing urgent has come through. I use this time to respond to correspondence, whether it be a client query or a journalist request.


Family is important, so I like to spend time with my daughter before I start work at 8.30am. I work from my lovely, purpose built garden office at my home in Kent.


My day begins by checking social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). I respond to those who have engaged with us and do a sweep of our wedding industry friends. This is a good way to keep up with the latest news, gossip and events. I round this up by creating a few engaging posts for our followers, keeping them updated on the latest agency news and developments.


Throughout my day, I work on a variety of different client accounts. I review PR strategies to make sure we are on track and analyse results to see what’s working and what isn’t. This is my opportunity to identify fresh PR opportunities, such as collaborations or styled shoots, and update strategies accordingly. PR is a competitive industry. It’s vital to be creative and come up with interesting ways to get clients the media attention they deserve.


Next, I brief the team. I get in touch with my copywriters to instruct them on new copy, content, press releases and articles that need drafting. My PR Account Manager is in charge of pitching this content to journalists and following up with them. We use Trello to keep up to date on all activity and to help make sure we are on track with our PR goals. The world of PR is filled with last minute deadlines and requests, so organisation is key.


I spend time collating and updating fresh and current images for our clients. A photo can make all the difference. Having strong images on file means we can use them for our PR pitches, boosting our chances of gaining quality coverage.


I liaise closely with clients on a daily basis, whether it be on the phone, by email or in person. It’s my job to update them on our activity, notify them of any coverage and discuss new ideas that could work for PR.


It’s time for a break. I take an hour away from my desk every day, either to attend a hot yoga class or do a workout in my home gym. Exercise boosts my energy levels and I always come back to the office ready and raring to go.


Most days will involve preparation for any ad-hoc event projects that we are working on, such as product or company launches. We help clients with venue visits, supplier meetings, organising the guest list and inviting the press.


The wedding industry is fast-paced so it’s important to have your finger on the pulse at all times. I do this by making sure I am up to date with the latest industry developments from my favourite wedding blogs and magazines.


I finish work at 5pm so I can slip into ‘mummy mode’ for my daughter. I am lucky enough to have a team of freelancers that work for me out with the traditional 9am-5pm hours, so I can switch off from work knowing that agency and client needs are being met.

And that’s just a typical day in the office! I have many clients based in London, so I often find myself on an 8am train speeding towards the city for 10am. I make the most of my time when I am there, catching up with as many clients or journalists as possible. These days involve lots of coffee and usually breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Not a bad way to spend the day! I make the most of the train journey home, taking advantage of the on-board Wi-Fi to catch up on any final bits and pieces before the end of the day.


Once I have put my daughter to bed and caught up with my husband, I do a final sweep of my emails to make sure nothing is outstanding. Then it’s time for a good night’s sleep so I can start fresh and ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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