A New Season, A Confident Me, a New Guy?

As the summer wanes away into the Fall, my motto is to ‘Date and love me more!! I know it sounds selfish right? But truly  being the centre of my universe is probably not a bad idea!!   Finding time for me, ‘dating myself’ and loving myself more is my way forward !! Which is also why I got Marisa Peer to speak to us on WiseGirls Talk on  Developing Inner Confidence for a better dating experience!!

Point is, a lot  of activities quietened down over the summer season (and it’s still relatively quiet), parties and social events are less full than the usual; which translates into less people to meet, if you catch my drift!

I’m using this time to date myself a little bit more, to help me get into that healthy inner place for a successful dating rendezvous this Fall and into the Winter !!!There are soo many exciting things happening around me right now that it would be a shame for me not to enjoy them just because things have quietened down!!

And so for the lack of a date in the quiet season, I did what I love doing most of the time… I went to see the Rolling Stones exhibition down town and  a few more others!!! I took leisurely walks down the river bank, soaked in the atmosphere and watched other people get busy with their lives! I started reading a new book for more insight, which I will share with you in the coming days! For extra support,  I also caught up with other WiseGirls who through their own individual wise dating plans moved from being ‘Single’ to ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Mrs’ I can’t wait to share the revelations with you!!!

Anyhoo, I’m embracing this Fall, something good is on the horizon! I can feel it!! – New Season, A Confident Me, and  possibly a New Guy!!! Buckle your seat belts!!

Love you always

WiseGirl xoxo

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