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Following on from the encouraging stories shared by other WiseGirls and as edited by the WiseGirl team for the 50 WiseWays to online dating, our resident WiseGirl, Mandy Le-Fontaine, decided to give online dating another go.  And why not? You remember Mrs L for example who had great success with cupid through online dating? Other WiseGirls  also met their gorgeous husbands through an online dating services. I can go on and on with more examples, the list is  truly endless.

So I’m thinking that there must be a number of great guys who think like WiseGirls. What I mean by that is that there are maybe  a handful of guys who appreciate high value relationships and really want to take their time to find something meaningful in  a partner. So they also use technology for their first screening of potentials for a number of reasons, which could be down to time constraints and not having time to hang at bars any more!  And so it may be for other WiseGirls.  Surely there are no guarantees that going online to screen out possibilities is the ultimate path to finding the one, and it sure doesn’t mean that the chances of picking the right guy is higher.  Like everything else, there are no guarantees other than to try and keep focusing on what you really want

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So anyhow, I am testing technology again, putting theory to test to see if the scene has changed since I last used this medium to screen out possibilities. I’ve recently signed up for 3months on one of the most popular sites by far. I went for the one that I’ve heard that many  WiseGirls and WiseMen have used and enjoyed great success! And surely not all the stories I’ve heard  have ended well for everyone on this site so I’m not being naive here.

But you know, it was great to focus on what I was looking for just by filling out the preset questionnaire and filling out my profile.  It wasn’t easy but it was strangely therapeutic. When I read my profile over, for one moment, I thought I was being too narrow and that no one would look at the profile and go, yeah I want to be with her, but I was wrong!! Not long after,  I had a few views, which turned to winks, then favourites and then emails. Don’t get me wrong, there are some guys who get in touch and make me think, seriously, if you read my profile and are not just looked at my pictures, you would know that I don’t smoke and don’t like guys who do, but you do like all this and others so frankly how do you think this is going to work?!!  So for these guys, it’s very clear to me that they’re using the platform for other purposes and they’re probably not the Wise Guys  but for those of us who are using this as a screening mechanism, we sure don’t like time wasters.

Anyhow I’m going to share my first e-date and insight with you next week but tell me, have you used online dating yourself?

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