new-year-new-goalsHave you noticed how good our intentions are at the start of the year and how quickly they fizzle out?

It’s really difficult to change habits and conditioning, and hoping to do it on willpower alone is a recipe for disappointment.

How about giving yourself the real possibility of achieving the changes you want by enlisting the help of someone who can really help you?

There are many therapists who will be able to change your habits and help you overcome the fears and limitations which are annoying you. They practice many different therapies and can be very effective.

My name is Debbie Talalay and I’m a Homeopath, Kinesiologist, NLP Master Practitioner and last but not least – a Theta Healer. I found Theta Healing to be so effective in effortlessly making changes in people’s lives that I opened a clinic in Harley Street for several years and practiced there until recently.

Theta is fast, it’s easy and it works.

Sometimes people are frightened of making the changes they know they should be making. They hang back – because if they make these changes, it may mean they have to change the people they mix with, the life they’ve become used to.

For instance – let’s say you want to slow down on alcohol. Would this change mean that you won’t get to be with your drinking buddies anymore? Can you get by on a spritzer while your friends are downing one drink after another? Or how about smoking? Could you bear to be with smokers if you stopped and would they not feel so close to you because you’re no longer doing the same as them? What about losing the spare tyre? It’s not so easy to shed the weight if your social life is centred on eating out.

We stay doing what we’ve always done because we think that to make the change would be too difficult. We all do it until we finally get the message from life that we have to change.

It’s so much easier to make the changes before the problem becomes too big – before you have to. It is so liberating and fills you with such a sense of achievement.

Overeating, smoking and drinking are just a cover up. They’re some of the things we do to compensate for the frustrations in our lives. They divert the mind when we’re feeling inadequate and powerless.

When you deal with the frustrations and the feelings of inadequacy then you no longer have to divert the mind from what’s really going on. You no longer have to be a slave to your habit and you can choose what you do. If you want to drop a habit entirely you can do that, or if you just want to cut back you’ll be able to do that too, now that you’re no longer being driven by unseen factors.

So – don’t be afraid to be the best version of yourself you can be and don’t be frightened that you may have to make some painful changes if you allow yourself to clear your blocks, habits and limitations.

If it’s an addiction or an ingrained habit you will feel that finally you are in charge of your life. If it’s a relationship that might suffer – you will always have the choice of leaving things as they are, but you’re likely to feel a lot better about your situation after the blocks have been released.

  • What is it about your situation that’s working for you that you don’t want to lose?
  • What needs to happen for you to start living your best life?

As a very special gift to yourself for the coming year – ask yourself:

Am I unconsciously keeping myself back so I don’t upset the balance in my life?

Will I give myself the opportunity to do deal with it?

Don’t try to do this on your own. Get the help of a good practitioner who will make it safe for you and who will support you on your journey to becoming the best possible you.

Debbie talalay originalAbout the author:

Deborah Talalay Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer. Creator of the Stamford Transformation Process

Debbie Talalay is a leading London-based Theta healer with practices until recently in Harley Street and currently in Chiswick, West London. Using Theta Healing, Homeopathy, NLP and as a Healer, she has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life for a wide variety of physical and emotional illnesses.

The Stamford Transformation Process                                                                       

Debbie wanted to make her therapies and life changing solutions available to a wider community, and so The Stamford Transformation Process was born. This is a unique series of self-help videos which have the healing process embedded in the video. The client has only to watch the video for the healing to take place.

Workshops and lectures include:

The College of Psychic Studies, The City Business Library, Personal Finance Society, The Lecture Club.

Group sessions are available on request.

She practices in Chiswick, West London and internationally by phone and Skype

You can find out more about Debbie and her work here, or via Facebook or Twitter

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