A week in the life of a Garden Designer – Day 2

A roof terrace by the river today – dodging yet more showers but risking laying out the furniture to see how it all looks in the scheme. 

Thankfully it fits and it looks good.

A few panels of Cedar screening to go, a gel powered outdoor fore and a few more plants and all will be complete.  Limestone paving, Ip’e decking and dark all weather furniture make for a very strong scheme and this is designed to work when viewed from the upper floor of the property with its almost entire glazed side.

I am glad that all the materials are now up on site and in place.  A crane wasn’t an option to lift things up here so we used a furniture lift which is a very useful thing in compact spaces, but even so there was much cursing when the Olives were delivered (somehow they appeared even larger and heavier than they looked in the nursery) and I suspect my name was mud for a while until they were in place!  But in place they are and looking good.

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