A week in the life of a Garden Designer – Day 3

Today was a trip back to a garden completed last year to have a look to see how the planting has fared through a cold wet winter and a great deal of building works in the adjacent property.

It was thankfully a bit dusty and the Buxus and pleached Carpinus had put on a good amount of growth so we spent an afternoon doing some gentle gardening

something of a novelty for me these days as the pressures of running a business take over from the things I actually set out to d).

Buxus trimmed and pleached Carpinus tamed back into neat rectangles, the rills cleared of leaves and debris and the Helexine, otherwise known as ‘Mind Your Own Business‘ – a rampant little ground cover plant cleared from the artificial lawn.

I never thought it would attempt to make its way through plastic grass but it has!  Nature never ceases to amaze!

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